The daily walk is the highlight of your dog’s day! While it’s just a stroll for us hoomans, for our furry babies, it’s much more than just that. It’s a great activity for physical exercise, mental stimulation and socialization!

While letting your dog run in the backyard or in a park is refreshing, it is not a substitute for the daily walks. A walk allows your doggo to take in smells, sounds and sight of the world. Here are 5 things you need to keep in mind while walking your dog.

1. I woof routine

Studies show that dogs like routine and have a fair idea of how much time has passed. Once your doggo gets used to the walk timing, there are high chances that you don’t require an alarm to remind you!

Dogs are very commonly trained to pass faeces while on walks. While it is a great idea to keep them disciplined and avoid getting your house dirty, it is even more important to follow a routine when it comes to walks. When your walks are planned, it will keep your dog’s digestive system running smoothly.

2. Sniff sniff

For every one scent receptor we have, dogs have about 50! While this helps them detect smells easily, it also means that this is their way of experiencing the world. They do not just want to look around and walk, they want to smell everything that comes their way. Dragging your dog away when they are sniffing diminishes the mental stimulation and might make walks boring and unpleasant.

The phrase ‘stop and smell the roses’ actually stands true for your dog’s everyday walks. So while you’re at it, make sure you let your dog sniff sniff!

3. What’s the weather like?

Yes, dogs like routine, but this in no way means that they need to take the same route at the same time in every weather condition. Your walk duration and location needs to vary with the seasons and festivals. These are factors that affect the weather, the environment and even people’s behaviours around you. Here are some tips on improvising your walks based on the environmental conditions and festive seasons.


-Take walks before 9 pm and after 6 pm to avoid peak sun hours.

-Choose a cool area for the walk, possibly the one lined with trees. The ground will be cooler there, protecting your dog’s paws.

-Choose grass to walk on. Concrete, tiles and sand warm up quickly and could cause damage to your dog’s paws.

-Carry two bottles of water: one for you and the other for your dog!

-If need be, apply sunscreen on your dog’s paws. To know more about sunscreens for dogs, check this out.


-Avoid going out when it’s raining.

-Choose areas that do not have puddles of muddy water.

-Check their fur thoroughly after the walk to remove insects and fleas.


-Massage healthy coconut oil on their paws before going out.

-Choose a time that is not too cold.

-Choose an open area to walk in, where there is direct sunlight to keep you and pooch warm.

-Make sure you have water ready for your pooch. The walk makes them tired and not getting sufficient water may cause dehydration or digestive problems.


-Choose a time where the streets are less crowded and there are no firecrackers or harmful colours around.

-Avoid walking through noisy places and litter.

-Ensure that your doggo doesn’t meet a lot of other animals on the way. Animal behaviour is really uncertain, and the safety of your doggo and the other animals is extremely important.

-Clean your dog’s paws and fur thoroughly after the walk.

4. Clean up

While walks are essential for your dog, they could also result in bringing germs, worms and bacteria home. Cleaning up after a walk is extremely important to avoid illness for both you and your dog. But it doesn’t always mean an intense bath time- this simple routine will do the trick!

-Mat and Towel at the Door

While walking outside, your dog’s paw and fur can get dirty and carry germs. Clean the paws at the door itself with a clean towel. Remove the dirt softly and wipe with a clean towel.

-Pet Wipes and Massage Oil

Once the dirt has been removed, clean paws gently with pet wipes and rub some massage oil on them for relief. You can get natural, healing oils for your doggo at Papa Pawsome store. If you’re looking for getting more essentials for your dog, check out The Dog Box- the one place for all your furry baby’s needs!


It has been a long walk, so treat your dog! Give them a treat after every pleasant walk to reinforce the positive behaviour and make walk time more enjoyable! Check out The Dog Box for exciting treats and pet essentials for your dog.

5. There’s a lot in a name (tag)!

Your dog’s name is really special to them. It’s one of the ways they associate themselves with you. But it’s even more important when you go out for walks or outings. Dogs, unlike humans, do not look different from each other. Therefore, it’s important to tie a dog tag in his neck. This will not just make it easier to identify your dog, but in the unfortunate event that she or he gets lost, you’ll have some form of identification to refer to.

Yes, taking walks is important for all dogs, but there are certain factors that can affect the duration, frequency and intensity of the walks. These factors could be age, health issues, breed and stamina. Before you start building a routine of your dog’s walks, consult a trusted doctor to understand how much physical stimulation is required specifically for your dog. Your dog is the perfect gift for you, take care of him like one!

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