Leading the same lifestyle every day can get really monotonous and boring. Just like we humans need a dash of newness to our daily routine, dogs do, too!

Yes, you might take them for their daily walk every day, but after a point of time, that will get boring as well. While one way to deal with this boredom is to introduce new elements to walk from time to time, that is just not enough.

Dogs like activity! And it doesn’t just have to be physical. Dogs are smart pets who like to engage in some sort of mental stimulation to keep them active. Activities, you say? What activities could I engage my dog in? We have a list for you!

1. I like toys!

Yes, dogs have toys too! No, they’re not the same as toys for human children. Toys for dogs are made keeping in mind their safety and needs. Wondering what type of toys you can bring your pooch? Just subscribe to The Dog Box and get pawsome goodies, toys, food and much more every month! Playing with these pawsome toys is a great activity for your doggo! When he gets used to his toys, you can also start teaching him their names. Refer to a ball with its name in front of him and soon he’ll associate the word to his favourite toy!

Dogs are physical beings who need to move about to feel energized. When they’re in the house, their energy isn’t as much utilized as it should be. This, in turn, can make them lazy and give rise to many health issues. When they engage in interactive and engaging exercises, they make full use of their energy and intellect. It provides for a healthy outlet of energy, which can otherwise come out as aggressive or violent behaviours.

2.Let’s get organized.

While toys are a great way to keep your dog engaged, there will be times when they will leave their toys all over the house, adding to your workload. So what can you do?

Assign a place in the house specifically for your doggo’s toys and teach her or him to put them there. This way, your doggo will help you keep the house tidy and will find an activity to keep them engaged!

Playtime can be fun as well as educational! You can use this time to teach your dog new things while having fun. Your dog’s mind will be at the zenith of its power at playtime and learning will be much easier and simpler!


Walk down the nostalgic lane as you play hide and seek with your pooch. Hide somewhere in your house and call out to them! They will search every nook and cranny until they spot you! But be ready to lose because dogs have an excellent sense of smell. It might just take them a jiffy to spot you!

Playing such interactive and engaging games with your pooch reduces their chances of building behavioural issues. Additionally, when you engage in such games with your pooch, it also helps you relax and feel calm and energized at the same time. So every day, even if it’s just for a while, take out a few minutes from your busy schedule and engage in some play time with your pooch!

4.Can you find it?

Building on to the point that dogs have an exceptional sense of smell, letting them make full use of this ability is a great way to keep them engaged!

Once your doggo has learnt all her toys’ names, like ball, bone, monkey), keep all of them together and ask her to look for one specific toy. If she can locate it right, it means she’s learnt the names of the toys. Now start keeping these toys in different parts of your house (be sure to choose places which are dog-friendly). Ask her to find that toy and reward her with extra belly rubs every time she gets it right!

You can do the same for treats and food. A while before their mealtime, instead of placing the bowl right in front of them, hide it in a part of the house that the dog has easy access to. Ask them to start looking for their food. With their exceptional sense of smell, they will find it really quickly. This will not just have them engage in some physical activity right before the meal, but will also have them devour food more because of the effort it took to get it!

5.Is that a new trick?

Every time you engage in a training session with your dog, it acts as a mental stimulant for them. Teach them new tricks regularly These could be as basic as responding to their name to giving you a high-five!
Spending more time with your doggo is a great way to bond with them and have them trust you more. This fun play and exercise is good for your dog’s mental state and also helps him develop positive emotions towards his hooman!

6.DIY puzzles and toys

You can make use of some material readily available in your house and even build some DIY puzzles and toys for your dog’s mental stimulation. At the end of each puzzle, reward your doggo with healthy and yummy treats from The Dog Box and develop a stronger bond with him! Here are some DIY puzzles and toys you can make at home. Treats in a bottle Potato Chew Toy The Muffin Tin Game T-shirt Dog Toy T-shirt Ring Toy

Playing with safe toys like a pet-safe ring toy is surely fun, but it also helps in satisfying their natural urges like chewing, tugging and sniffing. While these toys provide great physical exertion, they also help your dog be mentally satisfied and calm.
Try some of these tricks to have a fun and happy time with your doggo. Share your happy moments with us on Instagram using #TheDogBoxTribe and get featured on our page! Let’s spread some playtime pawsitivity with our furry friends.

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