Just not feeling satisfied with whatever you have planned for your adorable pet dog’s special day? Or maybe looking to surprise him with a well-earned gift for sparing your best pair of slippers which surprisingly still look every bit new? Its time to think a little out of the box and give something which your pet will surely love and shower you with even more licks and cuddles. Something like buying a Dog Box Subscription which will deliver specially treats and other pet goodies every month!

Taking care of your furry baby can be taxing and at times, between those late-night shifts and exponentially increasing workload, even impossible. And yet as an adoring and indulgent pet parent you will definitely agree that it’s completely worth it! Whether it’s their naughty antics to use every one of your sofas as their new chew toy, or those adorable protests against the much-dreaded bath time, your pet dog fills your life with irreplaceable joy, acting as your baby and a loyal stress-relieving support system at the same time.

Despite witnessing considerable growth, the pet care industry in India is still raw and unorganized, which makes finalizing a bunch of well-designed and, above all, safe grooming products for those fur balls a real pain in the tail. This is where The Dog Box steps in.

We delve into these details in an exclusive interview with Harshit Kabra, Co-Founder of The Dog Box. Click here to read the entire article and learn the story behind this unique dog care brand.

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