Buy an Exclusive Dog Subscription Box and Pamper Your Fur Baby with Specially Curated Pet Care Goodies (2021)

Just not feeling satisfied with whatever you have planned for your adorable pet dog’s special day? Or maybe looking to surprise him with a well-earned gift for sparing your best pair of slippers which surprisingly still look every bit new? Its time to think a little out of the box and give something which your […]

Keep your Doggo safe with these Pet First Aid Tips!!

A significant part of the family is our furry friends, and we do our best to keep them safe. Accidents and injuries will however, always be inevitable. Knowing and learning skills to support your doggo when faced with an emergency is vital. Emergencies can happen at any moment, and typically when you least expect it, […]

Top 10 things to keep in mind before bringing your pooch home!

The one positive thing to have come out of this pandemic is the adoption rate worldwide! As people were confined within the four walls of their house amidst the lockdown, with not much to do, not many people to be around, they craved companionship. Bringing a pet home is as much of a responsibility as […]

The Ulti-mutt relationship between dogs and children

As Johnny Depp has said, “The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.” Dogs and children can be the best of friends when raised together. They not just offer each other companionship, but also learn from each other. Dog companionship helps improve a child’s social skills and encourages […]

5 Things you need to know about walking your doggo

The daily walk is the highlight of your dog’s day! While it’s just a stroll for us hoomans, for our furry babies, it’s much more than just that. It’s a great activity for physical exercise, mental stimulation and socialization! While letting your dog run in the backyard or in a park is refreshing, it is […]

9 Things you can do to make Christmas Merrier for your furry friend

Ho Ho Ho! Look, it’s Santa Paws! It’s finally Christmas time. After all, what we went through this year, Christmas is just the right time to rejoice! And how could you leave your furry friend out of the festivities? Make this Christmas merrier for your doggo as you make them a part of your festivities. […]

Looking out for our Streeties!

India is home to roughly 35 million dogs, a number that’s grown by 17% since 2016 (National Geographic, 2020). These dogs are prone to accidents, injuries, illnesses and even mistreatment.  Stray animals are exposed to harsh environments and have their guards very high. They might not allow you to come near them. If you approach […]