The one positive thing to have come out of this pandemic is the adoption rate worldwide! As people were confined within the four walls of their house amidst the lockdown, with not much to do, not many people to be around, they craved companionship.

Bringing a pet home is as much of a responsibility as it’s a reward. A dog changes your entire life. From pet-proofing your house to buying dog essentials to being ready to have a completely different social life, every aspect of your life changes.

The first thing to keep in mind is whether all your family members agree with your decision. Having another family member brings substantial changes to everyone’s life. Make sure they’re all prepared for it. The next step is to ensure that you have all the things you need before finally bringing your pooch home!

Adopt, don’t shop

Consider your financial situation

Shop for these things

Pet-proof your house

Make space

Health conditions

Your dog’s hygiene


Exercise and entertainment

A new fashion statement

1. Adopting means getting a pup from a shelter.

There are hundreds of wonderful dogs waiting in shelters and strays on the streets, but dog breeders and pet stores continue to breed and sell animals only for money.

Breeding a dog is not just illegal, but also unethical, as it leads to various physical and genetic imbalances in the dogs and not to forget, lead to over-population.

So if you’ve made your decision of getting a dog, #AdoptDontShop.

2. Consider your financial situation

Dogs require a lot of care and attention. Pet products, grooming needs, visits to the vet account and emergencies account for more money than you now. Ensure that your wallet is equipped with enough money to provide your pet with the best.

3. It’s time for shopping

Pet friendly toys, collars, food bowls. name tags, health products, comfortable bedding, grooming products, fresh and healthy food are essentials you need to buy before you get your pooch home.

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4. Pet-proof your home.

Animals are naturally curious and like to touch, lick, smell everything around. Before getting your pup home, make sure you dog-proof your house. Put all the dangerous items like wires, plugs, chemicals and sharp objects away from your dog’s reach to avoid any accidents and mishappenings. Instead, get pet-friendly chew toys out for your pooch to play with!

Know more about thorough pet-proofing here.

5. Make space for your pup.

Your new family member requires some space of their own. Get a pet bed and place it in a place that is easily accessible. Assign a place for feeding your dog and one where they can do their business.  Make sure these areas are completely safe.

6. They have health conditions, too.

Health conditions of animals differ from ours to a great extent. While human beings can express their pain and inconvenience, animals can signal. As a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to notice any physical or behavioural changes in your pet and seek medical advice immediately to avoid further harm.

7. Don’t forget about their hygiene.

Their teeth, their nails, their fur, their paws- all need to be cleaned from time to time. Especially in the time of this pandemic, physical hygiene holds paramount importance. Learn to take care of their hygiene and start ordering healthy pet products for them. Don’t know where to start? The Dog Box is here to your aid!

8. Food for your dog

One of the most frequently asked questions by dog parents is – What kind of food can I feed my dog? Is it alright if I give my pup the same food that I eat? That’s a Big No!

Just like different people need different food as per their bodily requirements, dogs need different food, too! “Human food” is one of the worst things to feed your dog.

To know what kind of food is right for your dog, consult a qualified canine nutritionist and give your dog food that is appropriate for his age, breed and preference. Remember, your dog’s food should look like food!

9. Dogs need exercise and entertainment.

When it comes to exercising- of course, your pup needs to run around and engage in some kind of physical activity- we all do! But sometimes we just don’t realize the importance of it. Dogs need to go out for a walk every single day, and don’t worry if even the smallest of walks take about 1 hour because your dog wants to sniff everything around- it’s perfectly healthy! You can know more about the benefits of walking here.

In addition to daily walks, your dog also needs some form of mental stimulation within the house. This could be in the form of toys or mental puzzles that he could engage in. While you’re away, your dog will keep busy with his toys and puzzles. You could also play some games and engage in some fun activities with your dog to strengthen your bond and make him trust you more. Here are some things you can do to keep your dog entertained and learn along the process. (Insert the link to this- 6 ways to stimulate your doggo’s mind)

10.  New fashion statement

Before anything else changes in your life, your fashion statement will be the first to change. Get ready for a house full of dog hair. It’ll be on your couch, your bed, your clothes, your shoes and even your own hair!

We at The Dog Box are your fellow paw-lovers who would love if you join the pet parenting club! We are always there to help you build the best life for your new pup. From food to toys to hygiene products, we build customized boxes and deliver them regularly. So you can leave the stress of selecting the best products for your pooch to us, and make your time at home pawsome!




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