You probably have already thought of a 100 things that we’ll be talking about here. Yes, it was extremely difficult for us to bring it down to 10. But we’ve made sure they’re all pawsome!

Treats are everything

You celebrate their birthday better than your own

Bath time is really difficult

You might get tired of walking but they won’t

They love the outside

There’s dog hair everywhere

They will eat anything and everything

They want your attention, all the time

They take over all your furniture

Your kid is best friends with them

1. Did you say treat?

No matter what day and what time it is, your doggo is always ready for treats!

And it’s actually pretty relatable, we all find ourselves inevitably reaching out for something outside our regular food all the time! But why does that happen?

It’s because treats are a rare deal. They’re meant to be once-in-a-while, and that’s what keeps our dog’s love for them intact. They have a nice smell and a taste different from regular, everyday food. But here comes the “trick” part- too much of the treats will actually bring down your doggo’s enthusiasm for them and rewards will stop being so exciting. Therefore, use the treats carefully- when it’s a special occasion, your doggo’s done something you’re really happy about, or after a great training session!

2. Happy Woof Day!

The one thing common between all of us pet parents is our ever-growing love for our doggo! We might not celebrate our own birthday, but celebrating theirs is an absolute must!

Fun question: Have you ever cancelled plans to go out with your friends because you’d thrown a surprise party for your doggo at home? We feel you!

Decorating the house, planning a gift, getting yum treats- there’s so much to plan! But worry not, we’ve got you covered! Now get special treats, toys and a birthday surprise for your doggo- all in one Dog Box!

3. Say No to bath time

Bath time is a big No-No when it comes to our furry friends. They could be covered in mud and dirt from the ears to the paws but will still protest, wriggle on the bathroom floor and will do everything within their power to avoid it. But daily grooming can only help so much, bath time is necessary! So what do you do about it?

One way is a reward. During the bath time and right after it, reward your doggo with some yum treats to praise them for getting through the bath. This will not just reinforce the behaviour but also make them feel positive about bathing, making your work extra easy!

The next best thing you can do is to choose the right products for your pooch. More often than not, they despise bath time because of their discomfort at being applied certain shampoos and soaps that are not skin-friendly. Their skin is very different from ours, and this is why they need different products. You can get some pawsome products for your pooch at Papa Pawsome!

4. Keep walking

Is there a stop to the walks your doggo wants to take? No! They love their walks!

Did you know that walks are actually therapeutic for your doggo? When they take in the smell of their surroundings, do their business out in the open, and run around freely, it does wonders to them! It’s good for their physical as well as mental health!

Know more about the right ways to walk your doggo here. (Insert the link to ‘5 things you need to know about walking your doggo’)

5. Planning to sleep-in on the weekend? Not really!

It’s finally the weekend and you want to stay in and chill all day! But does your doggo want that, too? Not really!

A holiday is a great day for them to want to go out in the open and play with their favourite hooman all day! And can you blame them? So take out some time from your busy life and take your doggo out on a holiday. You will not just have a great time but it will also do wonders to your relationship!

6. Dog hair is my fashion statement

On the bed, on the couch, on your clothes and even in your own hair, it’s everywhere! If there’s one thing all pet parents share apart from their unconditional love for their doggo, it’s this fashion statement. So the next time you see someone whose clothes are covered in dog hair, you might have found yourself a hooman best friend!

7. That shoe looks really tasty!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does your doggo like nibbling on everything in the house? Papers, check! Shoes, check! Garbage, double-check! Chewing is an activity that comes naturally to dogs and they constantly need something to chew on. If you want to save your shoes and papers from getting destroyed, the best way is to get them pet-friendly toys to chew on and play with! These toys are also great for their mental stimulation. You can read more about how to mentally stimulate your doggo here. (Insert the link to ‘6 ways to stimulate your doggo’s mind’)

8. Pay attention to me!

Whatever it is that you’re doing, you need to pause it and pay attention to them! While there are lots of reasons for this behaviour- the most common ones are their intense love for you and being bored.

It’s actually quite normal for your doggo to jump at you when you see them after a couple of hours, or whine when you leave them alone for long stretches of time. But when this behaviour becomes extreme and they start getting aggressive and violent when you’re not around, this might reflect deeper problems. You can read more about attention-seeking dog behaviour here.

9.  Your bed? I don’t think so!

Your bed, your couch, your – it’s all theirs! Just like humans, dogs love to be in places where they feel safe, comfortable and loved. And most of all, they love being near you! They know that the furniture in the house is reserved for you and that you find them comfortable and safe. That’s it, that’s their only cue to establish their authority there!

We would have told you how to plead your dog for some space on your own bed, but we haven’t really figured it out ourselves yet!

10.  Your babies love each other

If you have kids in your house, you know where we’re coming from. Your furry baby and your baby love each other! Apart from being best friends with each other and spending most of their time together, research has found that dog companionship can actually significantly improve a child’s social skills and make them more responsible.

You can read more about how a dog helps your baby to grow into a responsible adult here. (Insert the link to ‘6 ways to stimulate your doggo’s mind’)

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