That assures doggo parenting as a welcome event for everyone

Monthly Delivery Cycles – bare necessities

Your doggo is sweet, smart and reasonably stupid to cause an emotional drama when they steal the only frozen pizza left for your dinner.
Having a much required monthly supply, stocked consistently, is a smart thought, regardless of whether you’re hoping to put together carrot and white rice for your doggo.
It’s likewise evident that a well-loaded pantry can give a feeling of security and control during uncertain times such as these.
Not only the full rack of special doggo treats but also the different toys to keep them entertained and away from eyeing your loved bean bag can give you a sense of relief. A new beginning to your relationship – straight from being Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki to Jane Tu Ya Jane Na is to follow.
Does that indicate our inclination to becoming your ultimate agony aunt, and advise you on what must you purchase?
Well, well, here is a curated box already, done carefully with treats, toys and grooming products (for the days you want to kiss your doggo’s cute little nose) – RIGHT AT YOUR DOORSTEP!

B-A-P – free to be me

The Breed-Age-Preference is the method we use while putting up an ensemble in the crate. We use this tool to make every box special. In short, there are many benefits and very few chances of your doggo butt punching the box.
The Boxes are curated and altered according to the requirements of your doggo, making it the ‘BAP OF ALL CRATES.’
What reaches you thus, is a well-thought box of necessities that any doggo must enjoy!

The Birthday Woof – puppy love

This unique birthday month box is for subscriptions for over six months. Yayyyy!!!
A birthday surprise, calls for something uncommon and we ensure that. You get the cake, we cherry the top. 😀
For the clueless friends of dog parents, we are here at your rescue with a one-time birthday box. Contact us via direct message option or a call to avail this exclusive box.
The birthday song is on its way!

You’re the centre of our world – happy together

We are all about consumer loyalty. We need the client to consistently be glad of what we have in store for them. So, if you feel we could do better with any of our items in the box, reach out to us, and we will make things work for you from our end.

A Smart Box – reflects our customer-centric design work ethics

We always look out for the feedback that you have for us. We always look forward to continually improving our boxes that could enhance your doggo’s experience. We find out more about your doggo, and we take a step further to creating an experience that is fulfilling.
Our framework guarantees a joint vision for our furry friends forever (fff).

PAWSITIVE Impact – love for change

We believe that an enormous change can only be brought about by little steps we take towards building an empathetic society that is free of animal cruelty and inclusive.
For each box you purchase, we feed a wanderer. Yes, that’s what we like to call our doggos on the go!
Our mission charts out for the welfare of the entire dog community with every box that goes out.
Happy parenting with The Dog Box 🙂

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