The nights have started becoming chilly and it’s time for hot cuppas and cozy blankets. Your dog may love winter, or hate it, but it is a crucial month to ensure their health and nutrition. Here are some great winter care tips for your pooch to keep them safe this season.

1.I’m cold!

Yes, your pet feels cold, too! Dogs have fur on their body to protect them from the cold, but their snout, paws and ears are still susceptible to cold. This is why avoid taking your doggo out in the early morning and late evening to avoid exposure to the chilly weather. Schedule your walks at a warm time to get a bit of sunlight. Avoiding outings in winter is the best way to protect your dog from the chilling winds. But in order to have your dog enjoy his inside time, it’s important to get him some recreational and safe toys. You can get pawsome toys for your pooch at The Dog Box.
In addition to toys, you can also use this time to train your dog and teach him new tricks! Learn more about these tricks here. (Hyperlink it to this blog- 5 ways to stimulate your doggo’s mind at home)

2.Cozy sleep-ins

Choose the right bed to ensure your dog is warm in the chilly weather. A raised bed will keep his body off the cold floor. Place the dog in a warm spot, preferably near his favourite spot so he doesn’t feel uncomfortable.
However, in your efforts to keep your doggo warm, do not keep heaters or other electronic devices near them. They might not be familiar with the device and can cause harm to themselves.


Very much like your own skin, your doggo’s paws and snout also need moisturizing in the dry, cold weather. But human cosmetic products have chemicals that are not suited for your pet’s body. Always ensure buying natural dog products to keep your dog’s skin moisturized in the winter. Worried about where to get these products from? Just subscribe to The Dog Box and get a customized box for your pooch on your doorstep every month!

4.Hydration is important

Just like you, your dog also needs to consume a sufficient amount of water in the winter to avoid dehydration. Fill your dog’s bowl with clean water at room temperature regularly. The water turns cold very quickly in the cold weather, so change the water with fresh, room-temperature water every couple of hours.

5.It might be arthritis

Yes, dogs can get arthritis, too. While is it a health condition more common in older dogs, its symptoms start showing from a young age. Winter is a bad month for arthritis and the joint pain might be overwhelming for your dog.
Look out for the following signs in your dog:

1. Reluctance to move

2. Signs of pain while sitting or getting up

3. Becoming extra quiet

4. Prohibit you from touching any part of their body

5. Abnormal gait

6. Hyperactivity

7. Not being able to rest

8. Aggression or violence

9. Loss of appetite

10.Excessive stretching

Dogs can’t speak and are unable to express their pain verbally. Therefore, it’s your duty as a pet parent to check out for warning signs your dog might show. If you identify 2 or more of these signs in your doggo, it’s time to consult a veterinarian. Know more about managing dog arthritis here.

6.Keep the fur on

Your dog’s fur actually protects his body in the cold and keeps him warm. Getting it trimmed too short in the chilly weather is not really a good idea. Also, avoid going out right after taking a bath. The long fur takes extra time to dry in winter.

7.No overfeeding

Winter is a month of minimal physical activity and lazy behaviour. The task of coming out of the cozy beds and going out into the cold needs a lot of effort. The same goes for your dog. Their diet should be customized based on their daily life. Especially in winter, the lack of physical activity could lead to obesity and a layer of fat, which leads to many serious health issues.
Give your pooch a diet of high-quality fresh food and ensure they are hydrated sufficiently. If you want, you can also make some DIY, healthy treats for them at home. Check out the recipes here.
If you’re going for warm food and water for the winter, make sure to check the temperature thoroughly before handing it over to your dog. Really hot food or water can cause damage to their mouth, developing burns and infections.

8.Look out for your streeties

While you are doing every possible thing to ensure your pooch is ready for the long winter, it’s also the time to take care of our streeties. If you’re planning to get a new dog home, try to adopt a stray dog after getting a thorough health inspection.

1. If you’re unable to adopt a dog, you can do the following to look out for our friends on the street:

2. Build a makeshift shelter for them in your garage or garden to keep them warm.

3. Leave our fresh food and clean water for them 2 times a day.

4. They usually hide under vehicles to protect themselves from the cold, so ensure there’s no dog near your car before driving off.

5. If any of your friends are planning to bring a dog home, advise them to adopt a stray dog.

6. If a street dog is sick or injured, call the nearest animal shelter immediately.

7. Explain compassion to people around you and encourage them to care for street animals.

To know more about how you can look out for your streeties, read here.
At The Dog Box, with every box you buy, we feed a streetie and ensure their health and wellness. Let’s join hands to ensure a safe winter for all our furry babies.

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